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Designing is not just an occupation, but a culture of touching the minds and hearts of people in terms of colors and aesthetics. Art is abstract and has no calculation or numbers involved that could be counted or measured. So, interior designing is an art that is implemented in vivid styles to replicate the thought process of humans in their homes. The interior design industry has gone through abrupt stages from traditional to contemporary. From admiring the traditional French furniture styles to craving the contemporary interiors, we have come a long way in admiring art. In this blog, you will learn about the most common interior design styles with relevant examples that resonate.

Some of the most talked and practiced interior designing methods that you get to explore areas envisaged:

1. Art Decoration is an interior design style that had originated in the early 20th century. It was influenced by the Industrial Revolutions' style of decorative arts dating back to the 1930s. Furthermore, it involves the prime usage of black, golden, and white color accent curated with curved and angular-shaped designs. All of these are finally embedded with metals, ebony woods, and expensive jade stones.

2. Chalet is another supremely recognized interior style that showcases conventional interior decor. It is touched by natural materials and vivid color patterns, forming an impact on the eyes. Moreover, this style is cast by chalet furniture, raw wood furniture bases, chandeliers, stone sculpted concepts, and traditional lighting. The chalet is untouched by the modern interior styles!

3. Classical style is mostly influenced by the Greek and Roman civilizations of interior designing. This involves the association of Renaissance architectural stances and late 19th century styles of both interior and exterior furniture.

4. Contemporary or Modern decor is the latest form of aesthetics which are looks and feels minimalist in approach without the use of complex finishes and loud designs creating a contrasting appearance. There are clean lines, no curves or intricate innovations indulged in creating them. With respect to empty spaces, these designs are dedicated to lighting up the rooms, while implementing simplified and sculptural furniture.

5. Country style is influenced by the European style of architecture and furniture. From loose upholstery with florals to the whitewashed walls offering a peaceful and serene feel to the onlookers, this design has gained popularity. Also, the furniture is wooden with antique accessories filling up shelves.

Interior designing is not limited to the aforementioned styles of designs and decor. There are disciplines imbibed in the process of innovating homes. People are different, and so are their choices in designing their houses. It is the salient responsibility of an interior designer to understand, plan, and implement the same. For this, essential training is the key! Delhi Academy is one of the best interior design institutes in south Delhi. The premium faculty educates, prepares for industry challenges, and hones credibility to face the world of designs.

Besides, if you want to inherit all the talents of designing homes under expert supervision, then do not compromise on expertise. Delhi Academy is one such institute that recognizes your determination to learn to establish and innovate. Tap into the state-of-the-art technology and convert voids into admirable spaces, with sterling guidance. Your coursework would involve plan reading, analysis, design drawing, field training, project management, model creation, layout design, material knowledge, survey, and site plans. Pave the way to the best courses of 6-months both commercial and retail designing with landscape and visual merchandising, integrated with software training. Watch out for the exclusive interior design course fees in Delhi and get enrolled to bring your creativity into application!

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