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Architectures amend functional spaces by making use of many materials. The rise in modern architecture has made it necessary for architect designers to keep up with the advanced layouts, elements, etc. For this, architects make use of AutoCAD architecture, which is specialized architectural design software. 

Whenever we think about architects, we imagine them as illustrating their ideas on pen and paper. But, with the unprecedented emergence of modern technology, the AutoCAD institute in Delhi have gained access to computers with AutoCAD software.

AutoCAD, in the simplest sense, can be defined as a computer-aided software program created by Autodesk that has made the work of engineers, architects, and drafters easier than ever. This software allows the prevention of product failures and leaves no room for warranty issues. If you have the zeal to create the best designs through imagination, then AutoCAD is the ideal tool to make them happen. It has all the necessary tools that you would require for designing great products.

With wider demands, there has been a wider availability of this technology that has taken over all the manual work previously done with rulers, triangles, compasses, drafting boards, pencils, and so on. AutoCAD thus renders the capability of adding light, controlling shades and edges, along with an ability to control the visuals of texts, and dimensions of 3D models.

Advantages of using AutoCAD

  •  Reduces the probable errors by allowing changes to be made at any point, by alleviating the chances of mistakes.

  •  It saves time and money with a brilliant user-oriented interface that increases productivity by reducing the time consumed.

  •  Working and sharing heavy files without the risks of losing them in the process is where AutoCAD comes into form.

  •  AutoCAD involves the creation of a manufacturing database for an easy production process.

Difference between Revit and 3D's Max

If you are already indulged in Computer-Aided Design, then 3D MX and Revit are something you will have a regular need of. They are two other software products of Autodesk. 

3DS Max:

It is based on the older CAD technology, used entirely for designing graphics as well as 3D graphics, 3D modeling, visual effects for movies, architectural models, and animations. Being very closely tied to Revit, 3DS Max goes hand-in-hand with Revit in tasks including rendering. With its highly dynamic tools, it couples with the workflows to improve productivity and resolve highly complex resolution assets. Also, 3DS CAD supports Python Scripting, Point Cloud, Active Shade, and other extensions. If you have chosen a career in this, then there are numerous advantages that would emerge after being a part of a professional 3D Max Institute.

Benefits of use:

Amazing UI for graphic designs, 3D animations rendering, and 3D modeling.

Architectural models are precise and better than the ones produced with Revit.

Produces high-resolution graphics, models, and animations with the best tool enhancements.


Revit is software that is majorly used for BIM purposes and can be popularly known as an architectural design tool that is used in the design of MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) systems, structural engineering, and construction projects. It has an easy and user-friendly interface. Also, it is an all-in-one application that is used for MEP, architectural design and structural engineering, and construction. It extends support for construction modeling, work sharing, parametric components, and bidirectional associativity. Choose the best Revit Institute in Delhi to leverage the enhancements of this software in multiple ways.

Benefits of use:

Revit supports the creation of sections, elevations, and files that are not supported by 3DS Max. 

It generates the use for the importation and editing of files. Furthermore, it can give a rough estimate of the construction costs by using its bill of quantities features. It is easier to use and does not require immense knowledge of building and construction for appropriate usage.

Revit Vs. 3DS Max


Revit 3DS Max
Best for architecture designing Best for rendering
It is a Building Information Modeler It is a 3D modeling tool
Simplifies the workflow It is a specialized 3D animation rendering and modeling application
Generate results for concept modeling, construction documentation, bill of quantities They assist next level of rendering
A single application that incorporates architectural design, MEP and structural engineering & construction. 3DS delivers a dynamic set of new tools, lubricating performance and elevate workflows to increase the productivity of working with high-resolution assets.