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This course is a two years course which offers advance level of training on Interior Design. Under this course we introduce advanced level knowledge on vastu and landscape design to students. We teach students visual merchandising including display design of showroom windows, etc. The course provides detailed knowledge on elements of services such as lighting, air-conditioning, water supply, drainage, natural ventilation, building protection, painting interiors, etc. The course also includes a depth study of furniture design, interior furnishing & elements of material. A brief introduction is given about estimation & costing. As far as computer graphics in concerned, 3DS Max- Advanced 3D Software is introduced to the students’ helping them design not only the interiors but also the exterior views of buildings. The curriculum includes office project covering furniture layout, sections & elevations, ceiling detail, flooring detail, electrical detail & plumbing detail. Apart from the office project students are given retail showroom to design incorporating all the service detailed layouts as covered in office project. After completing 2 years advance Diploma course from Design Academy the student is prepared to face any kind of challenges in the market in the Interior industry.


You may join this after completing your 10 with 40%


  • We have exams at the end of each year.
  • Portfolio submission is compulsory as per the dates given by the faculty in order to appear for the exams.
  • Marking scheme include, portfolio submission, projects submission, exams, viva & field training.
  • Students will be issued two years advance Diploma for Interior Design and Certificates for Computer Software’s will be issued separately.



Office & Retail Showroom

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Duration : 2 Years

Classes : 10 Hrs. / Week

  • Landscape Design
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Furniture Design-II
  • Interior Furnishing-II
  • Elements of Material-II
  • Elements of Services-II
  • Estimation and Costing,
  • Computer Graphics AutoCAD, 3DS MAX, Google SketchUp & Photoshop
  • Interior Projects- Commercial & Retail
  • Workshop on Vastu & Landscape
  • Site Visits
  • Market Survey
  • Two Months Internship
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Two Years Interior Design Diploma in Delhi

Design Academy is the top design institute in Delhi that offers a perfect environment for students to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in the field of interior design. The ‘Two Years Interior Design Diploma in Delhi’ offered by Design Academy is curated in such a way that the students are able to acquire just the right skills and in-depth knowledge.

During the ‘Two Years Interior Design Diploma in Delhi,’ the student will excel in the implementation of the techniques and skills of using tools and techniques that are essential for the varied decorative, technical, or marketing sectors of product design and interior design. It should be noted that the program is designed in accordance with the demands of the industry under the guidance of some of the most experienced designers in the industry.

In the ‘Two Years Interior Design Diploma in Delhi,’ the faculty is aimed at training students from the very basics that discuss the principles of interior design, wall coverings, flooring, sketching, illustration, and lighting theory. Upon the completion of the program offered by Design Academy, which is focused on equipping students with the creative planning and skilled design of interior spaces, the students are ready to face industry challenges and land the perfect job at our placement facility.

Design Academy is your one-stop destination for turning your love and interest for home décor into a lucrative career by getting enrolled in the ‘Two Years Interior Design Diploma in Delhi.’ Learn from industry experts how to turn average-appearing spaces into luxury living spaces in this theory-cum-practical course.

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