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Over the decades computers and fashion have developed gradually, changed with time, taste and trend. But nobody knew that a time will come when both these fields will complement each other so well. Today fashion design has reached new heights by computer aided methods of design. As a result of which, computer industry has got its new customer. Computer technology is making waves in the fashion design zone. From determining textile weaves to sizing designs; computers are a vital component of the fashion industry. Computer aided design (CAD) programs reduce the demand for manual sketches. New software programs continue to replace old manual skills. Going by the wayside are "old-fashioned" flat pattern construction, pencil sketching and traditional math-based pattern sizing. By use of CAD methods students can learn a lot faster and more software’s in less time. Computer-aided design (CAD) technology is quickly becoming an essential tool in the fashion design industry. CAD software allows designers to sketch ideas, make patterns, model garments and adapt them for specific body types and applications.

Path Ahead with Career Options

  • Fashion Designer
  •  Costume Designer
  • Pattern Master
  •  Fashion Illustrator
  •  Personal Stylist
  • Textile Designer
  • Merchandiser
  • Freelancer & Entrepreneur

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Course Duration & Eligibility

6 MonthsYou may join this course after completing your 10+2

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