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Creative Environment

Imagine a life of an artist, heart filled with creativity.. imple though it may seem the term Art has very broad connotations. Loosely defined the term denotes anything and everything that is aesthetically appealing, visually delightful, and requiring certain skills. Accordingly art includes a number of things: painting, sculpture, sketching, cartooning, dance, music, singing, poetry, ceramics and pottery, photography, flower arrangement (e.g. ikebana), interior designing and yes, even cooking!!!

In modern times, however, Art has been broadly categorised into two-three groups e.g. performing arts, visual arts and fine arts etc. The latter encompasses sculpture, painting, sketching, drawing and graphics.

India has a rich tradition and heritage or art. There are many individuals who have attained the acme of fame. Yet there remain innumerable nameless, inconspicuous but highly talented artists, who make significant contributions to art who wallow in poverty and squalour. From painters of Kalighat pat (Kolkata) pattachitra (orissa), kalamkari (hyderabad) Madhubani (Bihar) to those of Pichwai (Rajasthan) Chamba (HimachalPradesh) there are indeed hordes and hordes of them, who eventually pass into oblivion, unwept and unsung.

Creative Environment
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Student Facilities

Life of a student will be full of fun and student will learn lots of things throughout the course. After completion of the course student crack the placement and can get placed as a-

  • Graphic designer
  • Information designer
  • Sketch artist
  • Interior designer
  • Design researcher
  • Fashion designer
  • Industrial designer
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