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Video editing describes the process of manipulating a video's elements, such as its visuals and sounds, to produce a polished, finished version. It can involve tasks such as reordering and trimming scenes, adjusting audio and colour levels, and applying special effects. The goal of video editing is to bring the video closer to achieving a desired outcome — whether that is to educate, entertain, or convince people to take action.

Video editors possess creative and technical skills such as storytelling, attention to detail, organization, and problem-solving. In addition to day-to-day video editing tasks, video editors often collaborate with other professionals and stakeholders like project managers, video producers, and cinematographers.

Path Ahead with Career Options

  • Video content creator
  • Film editor
  • Videographer

Software that you will learn in this course

Course Content

1)  Adobe Premiere Pro

    •     Selecting up a project
    •     Importing Footage
    •     Organizing Media
    •     Essentials of video editing
    •     Multi-Camera Editing
    •     Adding video effects
    •     Colour Correction and Grading
    •     Audio Editing
    •     Rendering

2)   Adobe After Effects

    •     Introduction to the interface
    •     Working with layers
    •     Workflow in After Effects
    •     Working with Mask
    •     Advanced Editing
    •     Applying Special Effects
    •     Keying, compositing, and Mattes
    •     Distorting Objects with Puppet Tool
    •     Enhancing Your Animation
    •     Making of time Based Effects
    •     Creating a Basic Animation
    •     Animation Text & Shape
    •     Simulation Lighting Changes in After Effects

Course Duration & Eligibility

04 Months You may join this course after completing your 10th class

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