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We offer one year Professional Diploma in Interior Designing to students who want to make their career in Interiors. In the initial classes we concentrate on the basics on Interior Designing such as introduction to lines, free hand sketching& orthographic views. Later we cover the detailed drawings such as building materials, foundation, doors, windows, staircase, etc. Initially we cover residential project including 1 BHK & 2 BHK covering furniture layout, elevations, sections, flooring, electrical, plumbing, ceiling details. Along with that we cover kitchen & toilet details as well.

After completing Residential project, Retail project is given to the students so that they gain complete knowledge of not only residential but retail designing as well. Retail project includes a café that can be a coffee shop, tea shop or a fast-food joint. All these projects are covered in AutoCAD, which is introduced to students at initial stage itself. Later 3D Software- Google SketchUp is introduced to the students along with photo editing Software-Photoshop. We believe in industry base training and have experienced faculties working towards giving the best education to students.


You may join this after completing your 10 with 40%.


  • We have exams at the end of one year.
  • Portfolio submission is compulsory as per the dates given by the faculty in order to appear for the exams.
  • Marking scheme include, portfolio submission, projects submission, exams, viva & field training.
  • Students will be issued one year Professional Diploma for Interior Design and Certificates for Computer Software’s will be issued separately.



Studio Apartment-2BHK, Case Study on Cafe

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Duration : 1 Year

Classes : 10 Hrs/Week

  • Basic Design
  • Basic Of Art & Graphic
  • Furniture Design -I
  • Interior Furnishing-I
  • Elements Of Material-I
  • Construction Techniques
  • Elements Of Services-I
  • Computer Graphics-AutoCAD, Google SketchUp & Photoshop
  • Interior Projects-Residential & Retail
  • Guest Lecture on Vastu, Lanscape, Paints, Building Materials, etc
  • Site Visits
  • Market Survey
  • Participation In Exhibition
  • Models submission
  • One Month Internship
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One Year Interior Design Course in Delhi

The ‘One Year Interior Design Course in Delhi’ offered at Design Academy is delivered on a state-of-the-art campus in Delhi NCR. Students from all backgrounds are hereby welcomed to realize their dreams with Design Academy. The institute is every to-be designer’s dream come true who envisions him/herself as a professional interior designer with the assistance of top faculty members and incredible opportunities.

From industry interactions and exposure to real-life projects and event participation and presentations, there is no denying that the programs designed at Design Academy are comprehensive and boast a perfect blend of academics and practicals. With our advanced interior design program, you’ll be equipped with the ability to transform residential or commercial spaces led by creative ideation, design theory, and space planning.

Here, at Design Academy, you’ll be equipped with intensive practical and applied training so that you are able to implement modern decorative techniques and strategies that lead to the creation of memorable spaces. Moreover, the institute is backed by state-of-the-art facilities aimed at providing you with the resources you need to learn and grow.

What adds more to the value of the ‘One Year Interior Design Course in Delhi’ at Design Academy is the integrated internship program. The internship program at Design Academy equips you with the knowledge and skills required to penetrate the competitive industry and kickstart your entrepreneurial or employment journey right after the completion of the in-campus diploma and acquiring certification.

Fast-track your career in the field of interior design and learn the underlying major concepts and principles of designing with experiential learning opportunities, including workshops, training, ongoing projects, and industry immersions. Enrol now in the short-term interior design program offered by Design Academy, and don’t wait to get yourself industry-ready for a professional interior design career.

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