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3D Modeling Services

Our institute provides 3D modeling and 3D rendering services for diverse industry verticals. With years of industry presence, we have delivered precise 3D models to a variety of companies around the world including architectural firms, building and structural designers, and manufacturers of aerospace, automotive parts, and other machine components.
Our 3D modeling services provide visualization or engineering analysis which helps in making your development process more proficient. The team of drafters creates 3D geometry of objects for your project with accuracy adhering to the specified standards.

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Architect 2D Sketch Art

In this course we teach a step-by-step process how to sketch like an architect. It begins with the very basics of making straight lines and progresses to gradually more complex compositions of sketched perspectives. Along the way you are going to learn important tips and tricks, drills, and techniques to achieve sketches with architectural look, strong character, and story within.
You will learn not only the sketching technique, but also about the thinking behind the process - e.g. why and how to add people to your sketches, how to create a sense of depth in an image, and much more.

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Interior Design Plan Model

This course has been created to help you understand the defining characteristics of 18 different popular interior design styles today so that one can either create one of those styles in your own home or learn how to easily and effectively mix different styles on your own. This course only covers the characteristics of various interior design styles. It does NOT provide information on how to pull together a room (e.g., furniture layouts, rug sizes,etc)

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Fashion Design Sketch Art

This Fashion Sketching Course is for beginners: young and old, with an interest and passion for designing fashion. In this Course students will learn how the body moves, body movement, and balancing the body using the Plumb Line. Students will learn the industry standard "9-Heads Croqui". We start with a simple exercise with a pencil and learn how to achieve different "shading" effects depending on how you are holding the pencil. Students will also look at inspiration as a way to influence sketching: fashion inspiration, using a "fashion diary and/or journal" - creating a "pool" from which to draw ideas from will definitely affect their ability to draw new fashion designs. Students will learn garment closure: difference between womenswear and menswear button closure.

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