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With the charm, fame, and art of creativity, a fashion designing career offers it all. It is the science of applying design to clothes and lifestyle accessories. Fashion designing is one of the in-demand careers in the world for the highly creative. It is one of the most profitable, alluring, and glamorous careers and offers millions of opportunities to those who have passion for it.

Wondering how to give your fashion designing career a head start? There are several fashion designing colleges in Delhi NCR that offer the course. However, before that, there are many small details that one needs to know about. So, let’s start!

What are the qualifications required?

The basic qualification required to become a fashion designer is a diploma or degree in fashion design/ fashion technology/ visual arts or any related field.

For a career in fashion designing in India, you will need to clear any of the entrance exams like NID/ NIFT Entrance exam/ UCEED/ CEED after passing 12th. You can also pursue the many short-term and diploma courses that are available for the same.

An eye for detail, knowledge of color combinations and fabrics, creativity, aesthetic sense, fashion sense, and a good taste in design and fashion are necessary natural qualifications if one wants to achieve a successful career. Seeking a course and acquiring a degree are acquired qualifications that you will need for the course; however, these natural qualifications and skills are also quite essential.

What are the top career opportunities in fashion designing?

As a professional fashion designer, you can work and explore many dimensions of the same field. Some popular opportunities to work for are,

  • Fashion designer

It needs no introduction, and it requires the professionals to work from sketching to patterns and textures to styling outfits and looks.

  • Retail buyer or manager

As a designer, you also get an understanding of what clothes look good on which people. You can open your store and sell your products or products bought from somebody else.

  • Fashion stylist

It is exciting in a tough field, and your job roles are to pick the best clothes from the wardrobes of designers according to the preferences and body types of the clients.

  • Personal shopper

The personal shoppers’ interest should be love for shopping! The job role includes plucking the best products from the hangars for brides, celebrities, or even everyday chic dressers.

  • Fashion model

Your job would be to walk and show off the products made by either other designers or by you and do commercial promotions.

What are some good institutes and colleges for fashion designing in Delhi?

As for some of the best fashion designing institutes in Delhi,

  • JD Institute of Fashion Technology

  • Design academy

  • Hues and Styles Institute of Design and Management

Some popular fashion designing colleges in Delhi NCR are,

  • NIFT

  • Pearl Academy

  • Amity

What are some of the good and bad of fashion designing?

As for each career, there are many positives and negatives that it has, and fashion designing is no different. Some of these in this line of career are,


  • This field is cut out for success. No matter what you choose, you will create an impressionable image for yourself.

  • You get to meet and work with some of the most famous and celebrity-like designers, but reaching there requires loads of hard work.


  • As an initial phase, they need to work at smaller posts before they get to be the holder of big posts.

  • It is hard to get investors if you are looking to start your project unless you have had some hands-on experience.

If you have an affinity for creativity, design, style, and originality, a career in fashion designing will do wonders for you! It satisfies both the creative and fashionistas fetishes and materialistic needs of people. It is a promising field for people who are talented and hardworking!

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