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What is Interior Design?

Interior design is a creative field in which a designer's brilliant creative mind transforms a simple looking room into an eye-catching, lavish, comfortable space that reflects the owner's personality and lifestyle. The designers employ their artistic and creative minds to make the environment more beautiful, comfortable, and appealing. 

If you enjoy playing with colours, themes, design, texture, furniture, and architecture, and if your mind is constantly bombarded with creative design, uniqueness, and adding richness to a space, then this field is for you! Improve your creativity even more by enrolling in an interior design course. But, before enrolling in any interior design course, carefully read this blog and decide which course best fits your needs. Learn about the course structure, duration, syllabus, and career opportunities before enrolling in an interior design course that meets your needs.

5 Different Types of Interior Design Course 

Basic Course: Sharpen your creative skills by enrolling in a short-term course designed for beginners who want to learn interior design from the ground up. The best interior design institute in Delhi, Design Academy, offers two types of interior design basic courses. The first is a six-month basic course in interior design where you will learn the fundamentals of interior design skills, and the second is a more advanced course that also lasts six months but covers more advanced topics.

One Year Diploma in Interior Design:- In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of interior design such as line introduction, free hand sketching, and later you will cover more advanced topics such as 2BHK-3BHK layout design, whole structure, texture, design principles, and more. You will also learn software training such as Photoshop, Google Sketchup, and AutoCAD. If you want to learn advanced interior design in a short period of time, this interior design course is for you.

Two Year Advanced Diploma in Interior Design: If you want to learn interior design at an advanced level, this two-year course is ideal for you. You will learn the most recent use software in interior design, 3Ds Max, which will help you present your ideas more professionally. In this course, you will first learn about the advanced level of knowledge in vastu and interior landscape design. This course also covers the design of a showroom and an office. 

BSC in Interior Design: If you graduated from 10th grade with at least 40% of your marks and want to learn interior design at the master's level, enrol in this course today. This programme takes an approach to designing techniques, technical skills, and a foundation in architecture. These standard skills combine to create a unique interior. With a team of professionals guiding you to the best advanced quality education and encouraging you to actively participate in methodologies such as seminars, site visits, market surveys, and lessons. Enroll in Design Academy's BSC in interior design course today to receive professional guidance for your interior design career.

MSC Interior Design: If you are looking for a postgraduate programme where you will learn various disciplinary skills such as innovative ideas, aesthetics, construction environment, and more, this is the course for you. This course will give students a broad understanding of visual merchandising and interior design. This course lasts about two years and opens up a plethora of career opportunities. This course will provide you with technical software training that will help you improve your knowledge and skills.

Enroll in Design Academy today to shape your career in today's most in-demand field. Choose the best course for your preferences and have a bright future in the interior design field. In addition to interior design courses, our institute is well known for their diploma in fashion design in Delhi.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today or go to our official website to learn more about our courses.

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