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In today's world, one of the most important things is to live a luxurious lifestyle. Everyone is now opting for opulent interior design to reflect their lifestyle. This is why the demand for interior design is increasing. As a result, interior design is quickly becoming the most popular and desired career among young people. This field is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in Delhi. If you enjoy designing your home, why not pursue a career in interior design, where you can sharpen your skills and knowledge, which helps you to have a bright future in interior design.

There are numerous courses available in the interior design field that allow students to enrol and build their future. However, the most popular interior and fashion design institute Design Academy offers the most up-to-date courses of interior design diploma in Delhi. If you are looking for a course that will provide you with a thorough understanding of interior design's past, present, and future, this blog is for you. Continue reading to get a clear idea of which course is best for you.

List of Trendy Diploma Courses of Interior Designing – Design Academy 

  • One year professional diploma in interior design: This course will teach you the fundamentals of interior design, as well as advanced knowledge such as 1BHK and 2BHK layouts, elevations, flooring, plumbing, and ceiling. This interior design diploma in Delhi will not only provide you with a theoretical understanding, but it will also provide you with different interior design software training that is very trendy in today's scenario. Such as AutoCad, Google Sketchup, and Photoshop, which make your work easier while also keeping you up to date on the latest market trends and techniques. 


  • Two-year advanced diploma: If you want to devote enough time to learning about the course, this two-year programme is ideal, where you will learn about vastu and landscape design, merchandise design such as showrooms and mall design. As we discuss the trendy course, learning trendy computer software in interior design is important. You will also receive hands-on 3DS Max software training at Design Academy. Which is the most recent trendy software that is specifically used to structure your plan on a computer, where you will learn different colour theory and how to implement it so that you can easily portray your idea in front of your customers. 


  • Interior design basic diploma course lasting six months: Design Academy is one of the top interior designing institutes in Delhi. There is a short-term course that will give you a basic understanding of the interior design field. This course will teach you how to use AutoCad software. If you want to enrol in a course where you can invest little time but learn the most, this is the course for you. The main requirement for this course is that you have completed your 10th grade with at least 40% marks.


  • Six-month advanced diploma course: If you want to enrol in a course where you will be able to learn the theory of interior design in a short period of time, this is the course for you. You will learn about your computer software knowledge of Photoshop and Google SketchUp in this course. With the management of the office and retail showroom projects.

Aside from these interior design courses, our institute also offers advanced courses lasting two and three years, such as Bsc in interior design and MSC in interior design, in which you will gain a thorough understanding of the interior design course and its complete history, present, and future.

So, without further ado, enrol in our best trendy courses only at Design Academy, the best interior and fashion design institute in Delhi.

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