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Technology has a crucial role to play in the fields of architecture and engineering, and there is no denying it. As a result of this, Computer-Aided Design programs have gained significant traction in the bunch of softwares that helps in designing and architecture. One such software that is considered the pioneer of Computer-Aided Design programs is AutoCAD, Automatic Computer-Aided Design. 

AutoCAD provides the users with the ability to operate in different fields, promoting its usage in the architectural and engineering sector along with graphics and interior design. Initiating its journey back in the year 1982, AutoCAD was developed by a group of programmers led by John Walker. At present, AutoCAD company is run by Carol Bartz and has certainly managed to capture a significant section of the market. 

AutoCAD is currently aiming at refining the features that it offers for 2D and 3D designs along with enhancing the compatibility with other programs, ultimately contributing to the expansion of its functionalities. 

Well, you must have got the idea by now of the potential that the software carries and the future of the program. Now the main query that arises here is which institute to get enrolled in if you want to pursue the course and want to become a master of AutoCAD.

Working of AutoCAD

The software operates in layers with vector images, and it works with DWG, its own native file type, that consists of all the information related to designs, geometries, and images of the original file. Along with DWG, the software allows you to export the files to other programs focused on graphic design like Adobe Illustrator. 

We should lay prominence on the fact that the increasing popularity of the platform has contributed to the development of other tools to envision and even open native AutoCAD files. 

Moreover, in AutoCAD, a block is considered a building element that can be inserted from a library into a design. 

Features of AutoCAD Software

Following are the features offered by the software to its users:

Extended User Support - The platform extends support to the user in the process of development, alteration, and designing of advanced infrastructure.

Global Function - The software is utilized worldwide by groups that are involved in product development, by professionals, and by developers around the globe.

Microsoft Excel Connection - It should be noted that the drawings on AutoCAD software can be linked with the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. This feature is an Auto-Update command. 

Easy on Eyes - The software has incorporated a dark theme so that your eye strain can be reduced. Currently, it has a blue framework along with a sharper display.

Cloud Storage -  AutoCAD software allows the user to approach any DWG document in the software with Autodesk cloud and generate a cloud store. 

Multi-Device Support - The software is available for multiple devices, and you can access it from any of your connected devices. At present, the software is focused on making efforts to enhance cross-device functionality and compatibility.

Why Design Academy is the Best Institute for AutoCAD

Design Academy is undoubtedly the best CAD institute in Delhi, and the reason behind this is that the institute is backed by industry professionals and individuals who have years of experience in using AutoCAD. The faculty at Design Academy is equipped with the knowledge of using AutoCAD like a pro and makes the full out of what the software program has to offer.

In addition to this, it should be noted that Design Academy offers extensive practical training because the institute shares a belief that practical knowledge has a competitive edge over theoretical knowledge. What adds more to the advocacy of the institute is the fact that Design Academy allows you to pursue the course flexibly and at the most affordable prices. 

The labs at Design Academy are equipped with the updated and latest technologies that can assist the student in availing the best-in-class AutoCAD training and certification from the top institute in Delhi

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