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Interior Design

This course is a one year course which has 4 modules. One module is for 3 months. This course provides you complete briefing about lines, orthographic projections, civil detailing, all kinds..

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Fashion Designing

Design Academy is one of the best Fashion Designing Institute in Delhi, playing a definite role in bridging the young talent with the thriving fashion and textile industry.Fashion Designing isone of the fastest emerging fields of Designing Industry. It is not just about Fashion Style or trend, it’s about setting up the right attitude into youngsters at the right time.

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BSC Interior Designing

B.Sc. Interior Designing is a program with a disciplined approach towards Interior, Architecture & Design providing students with a foundation in architecture, design, techniques and technical skills in line with today’s industry standards to create dynamic interiors...

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M.sc. Fashion Design

M.Sc. Fashion Designing is a post graduate program which introduces the students to multi-disciplinary skills. The course provides students a broad idea about education in Fashion Design and Merchandising...

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