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M.Sc. Fashion Designing is a post graduate program which introduces the students to multi-disciplinary skills. The course provides students a broad idea about education in Fashion Design and Merchandising. The duration of the course is two years and it is career orienting in nature that opens many jobs for them after its completion. The main objective of the program is to provide a graduate learning pathway through specially designed subjects in the field of apparel & fashion designing. This shall nurture the personal creativity of the students, encouraging innovations in design. This will also motivate the students to develop intellectual and critical thinking in their work through rigorous research, enquiry and application. It serves as a basis for further higher studies in this field such as Ph.D and M. Phil for research studies.


You may join this course after graduating in any discipline with 40%.


  • Exams are held semester wise, twice a year in June and December.
  • The exam includes seven theoretical papers and one practical paper.
  • The practical assignment has to be submitted in the Institute itself.
  • Students are required to apply for Master Degree after completing two years.


Assignments have to be submitted by the students.

The Assignments have to be submitted by the student in his or her own handwriting or the softcopy can be mailed to the subject teacher. On each subject, assignments of 60 pages (5000 words approx) covering at least three topics as per the prescribed syllabus as a report of conclusion has to be submitted by the students. Academic assignments will enhance the creativity in students as they learn a lot more when they practice or read their subjects on their own. So the basic reason of giving assignments is to provide a practical exposure and knowledge enhancement of each subject.

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  • Textile Studies
  • Sketching and Fashion Illustration
  • History of Fashion
  • Computer Application
  • Inspirational Fashion
  • Knitting Technology
  • Pattern Drafting, Grading & Construction
  • Fashion Industry, Marketing & Management
  • Fashion illustration And Appreciation
  • Garment Ornamentation
  • Garment Production And Techniques
  • Design Collection
  • Advance Garment Construction Techniques
  • Entrepreneurship
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MSC Fashion Design Course in Delhi

The MSC Fashion Design Course in Delhi is a course that fuses art, science, design, and technology to facilitate the creation of innovative, creative, and cutting-edge modern designs. This program is based on a curriculum that is sure to prepare students for a professional career in the fashion industry. The course is aimed at exposing students to an in-depth analysis of the fashion and design industry. As for why this course will prove to be the best for students to establish themselves as a professional in the industry, because it lays emphasis on the creative process and the application of advanced design technologies.

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