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Interior design is a skill that is in high demand in India today. The industry has changed dramatically over the last three decades. If interior design fascinates you, why not take it seriously and pursue a career in this field? But if you're not sure where to begin, this article is for you. Design Academy, the best interior designing institute in Delhi, offers its students the highest quality education under the supervision of industry experts who have worked in the industry for many years. This blog will provide you with a detailed overview of our courses, eligibility, fees, career options, facilities, and placement, among other things.

List of different courses in the top interior designing institutes in Delhi

Six month basic course

In addition to the one-year programme, our institute offers a six-month introductory course in interior design. During this course, you will learn AutoCAD software training. And become knowledgeable about 2-BHK studio design. The course covers a variety of topics, including basic art and graphics, interior design, construction methods, and material elements.

Six Months Advance Course In Interior Designing

Six month advanced course 

In this course structure, you will learn how to use two software tools: Photoshop and Google Sketchup. The project entails the design of an office and a retail showroom. The course syllabus includes information on landscape design, service elements, display design, and other topics. The course also includes a one-month internship, site visits, and a landscape workshop, which allows students to gain practical experience.

One-year professional diploma in interior design

A one year professional diploma in interior design is ideal for students who do not have any prior knowledge of interior design and want to learn from the ground up. The course covers design elements and principles, color theory, and other topics. We teach our students how to design spaces in the industry, such as residences, exhibitions, hospitality, retail, commercial, stall design, and exhibitions. We encourage our students to conduct market research in order to gain advanced new knowledge. Enroll in our one year interior design course in Delhi and launch your career.

Interior design course fees in Delhi 

Design Academy has a flexible fee structure in which students do not have to pay the entire fee at once but instead have the option of paying in installments. Some students have also received admission based on education loans and scholarships.

Eligibility criteria 

Students who wish to enroll in any of our interior design courses must have a minimum of 10th grade with a 45% average. It should be noted that no student is admitted without having completed 10th grade. Aside from that, qualification criteria are determined by the course structure.

Practical knowledge 

All of our courses place a strong emphasis on practical training, such as site visits, virtual lab practice, guest lectures, and internship programs, which allow students to gain additional practical knowledge in addition to theoretical knowledge. To help our students improve their skills, our brilliant professionals assign them tasks such as site surveys, design drawings, material purchases, layout design, project management, and many more. Our institute also educates non-teaching students, allowing them to broaden their career options. Our teacher also offers extra classes to students who are struggling with certain topics.

Career path

Students who complete the course will have career options such as product designer, exterior designer, furniture designer, colors consultant, exterior designer, designer manager, and many more.

I hope this article has cleared up any confusion you may have about the course. Enroll in our interior design course today to advance your career in one of the most in-demand fields.

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