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Interior design is essentially a profession that reads people's minds and then turns them into something new. They improve the beauty of the uninteresting place with their brilliant presence of mind. We can refer to the interior designer as a magician because they transform the entire space into one that is opulent and modified. The younger generation now prefers this creative industry as a career because of its creativity. Since interior design is currently very popular in India, everyone is searching for the best institutions where they can further their education and work toward becoming a well-known interior designer.

The benefits of studying interior design in Delhi

Because Delhi has a brilliant institute that provides the best value education, it is the best place to study interior design. It is a centre for the best career institutions. You can also get practical approaches in this location, which will help you gain the best knowledge. You can see a big industrial area or a famous designer here, and you can work under their guidance to get the best tricks or skills, as well as a big boost to your career. Aside from that, there are numerous best interior designing colleges in Delhi with outstanding campuses. And a variety of courses from which you can select the best one for you and land your dream job.

Best Interior Design course in Delhi 

There are numerous colleges in Delhi that offer various courses, such as the diploma in interior design, advanced course, and professional course. Design Academy, the best interior design institute in Delhi, offers a variety of courses to its students, including a six-month diploma in interior design, a one-year professional diploma course, and a two-year advanced course. These courses are specially tailored to the needs of the child, ensuring that the course is appropriate for each student. Our diploma course is the most popular, followed by the advanced course, which students prefer.

Interior design diploma in Delhi

We offer two types of interior diploma courses at Design Academy: one year diploma in interior design and two year advanced diploma in interior design. Both courses are organized into semesters. With a team of excellent teachers, you will receive the best education possible, including practical training through internship programmes, site visits, and workshops.

Certificate in Interior Designing

Learning the course from the best institute will also help you obtain a valuable certificate. And Design Academy, the institute for interior and fashion design courses, is an Autodesk authorized training centre that awards its students with an Autodesk certificate upon completion of the course. Our institute's main goal is to provide the highest quality education for each and every student in order for them to be successful in life.

Placement in top interior design institute in Delhi 

The training and placement cell at Design Academy prepares students for annual placements and guides them to the best career opportunities available. We have a team of experts in our placement cell who can help you boost your confidence and achieve your goals. They are aware of the student's capability and goal. We help our students gain confidence and crack the desired interview by conducting mock interviews.

Top skills for interior design 

Our institute offers the best software training, such as autodesk autoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, design, Microsoft Office, and 3D rendering, where you can get 2D &3Ds Max, revite architecture, google sketchup, corel draw, illustrator, and indesign software training. This is necessary in order to instil the creative version in the student's mind. These programmes will help you to simplify your work and create the desired interior.


If you want to enroll in any of the top interior design institutes in Delhi, you must have a certificate of class 10th with at least 45% marks. Aside from that, different courses have different kinds of demand; some courses require a higher education certificate, so your eligibility is determined by your course.

Career options

After completing your interior design course, you will be able to open your own office, work as a project manager, furniture designer, and many other positions. So, don't waste any more time and enroll in the top interior design institute in Delhi today to kickstart your career.