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Interior designing is a field of art and science. It is a pleasure to make any space or building a perfect combination of healthier space with a modern touch. If you are interested in making your place unique every time, then we should suggest that you take this matter seriously and make your career in the same field. There are numerous universities in India that offer interior design programmes. But finding the right one can be difficult. But don't worry, we have a solution for you: enroll in Design Academy, the best interior design institute in Delhi.

Our institute offers a wide range of courses with varying durations, such as a one-year professional diploma in interior design, a two-year advanced diploma in interior design, a BSC interior design, an MSC interior design, a six-month basic course in interior design, and a six-month advanced course in interior design. The duration of each of the preceding courses varies. So, whether you are looking for a course with a short duration or a course with a long duration, we have courses in both categories for you to choose from.

In our One Year Interior Design Course in Delhi, you will first learn about the fundamentals of freehand sketching, introduction to lines, and many other topics. Once you have a firm grasp on these fundamentals, you will be able to learn about building materials, doors, windows, staircases, and so on. Our course structure was created by industry experts and faculty members with years of experience. All courses are designed with the goal of dividing the entire course into semesters with tests or oral exams.  

Our institute's main goal is to provide its students with the highest quality education as well as the necessary practical training. In our course structure, you will receive 50% practical training through live projects, internship programmes, or site visits, among other things, and 50% theoretical learning. This type of combination provides our students with the best knowledge, allowing them to build a strong future. With practical training, students will have the opportunity to face real-world challenges while also developing an appealing and experienced portfolio that will help them compete in a competitive market.

If you want to pursue a career in interior design, you must first pass the 10th grade with at least 40% of the possible points. Considering that this is the only requirement for our interior design course, It's not a problem if you don't have any practical knowledge, skills, or training in interior design; our institute is always willing to work with students to help them develop their abilities and creativity. Your ability to present fresh perspectives and originality is always appreciated by our institute's faculty, who use it to create stunning designs that haven't been seen before.

With our live projects, we help students to plan, research, coordinate and manage live projects, which helps them to increase their conceptual development, programming, organize space planning, and finally successfully implement the design. We help our students to shape the space according to the clients demands. This helps to make great projects which reflect uniqueness, creativity, comfort, modern as well as easily utilized space. 

With the aid of our live projects, we assist students in developing their conceptual thinking, programming, organizing a space plan, and ultimately successfully implementing the design by helping them plan, research, coordinate, and manage live projects. We assist our students in modifying the space to meet client requirements, which contributes to the creation of outstanding projects that showcase originality, creativity, comfort, modernity, and easily usable space.

When you enroll in our one-year diploma course in interior design, you will first receive an introduction to design, Art & Graphic, then furniture design, elements, construction technique, guest lecture on landscape, paintings, building materials, market survey, site visits, one month internship, and many other things. Enroll in our best interior designing colleges in Delhi, Design Academy, and kickstart your career.