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Do you enjoy experimenting with your fashion style? Then why not turn your passion into a career? Enroll in the best fashion designing university to improve your skills and knowledge. Because receiving training from experts allows you to learn the detailed theory of fashion that you may not know or understand on your own.

And now, if you're looking for a school to study fashion design, stop your search right here and enroll in the Design Academy, the best school for fashion or interior design courses. Our Kalkaji-based institute offers a wide range of courses to its students, including a one-year professional diploma in fashion design, a two-year advanced diploma in fashion design, a B.Sc. in fashion design with a management concentration, an M.Sc. in fashion design, a six-month certification course in pattern making and garment construction, and a six-month certification course in textile design. As a result, whether you want to enroll in a short-term course or a long-term course, we have all of your options.

When you enroll in our institute’s course name as a diploma in fashion design in Delhi, you will be able to choose between two types of courses. The first is a one-year diploma that will cover a brief understanding of fashion illustration, technical detail, design element principles, history of fashion design, craft, textiles, overview, and many more. The second is a two-year course in which you will learn the effects of color, drafting of various garments, ornamentation, and many other things.

The main requirement for this course is that you have a degree of at least 10 standards with a minimum 40% mark. It is not a problem if you lack any fundamental knowledge of fashion, because we have a top-notch faculty who recognise that every student has a unique learning style. As a result, we specifically tailor the coursework to meet the needs of each individual student. We also set up extra classes if you are unable to find any difficulties with any topic. After completing this course, you will be able to successfully open your own garment shop, work as a retail buyer, manager, or pattern master, designer, quality assurance manager, and numerous others.

In addition to fashion design, our institute offers the best interior design course. This course, like the fashion designing course, has various categories, such as diploma, one year professional course, a six month course, and many others. So, if you want to be an interior designer, enrol in the best interior design institute in Kalkaji, Design Academy, and pursue a career in the designing field.

Design Academy is also well-known for providing software training in areas such as AutoCAD(2 & 3D), 3Ds Max, Revit Architecture, Google Sketchup, Photoshop, and Corel Draw. Our 3d max institute in Delhi focuses on modeling and animation. This software is intended for use in architecture, construction, and manufacturing programmes. Our institute has a team of architects, interior designers, and engineers who collaborate to provide the best quality education for their students.

Students gain an understanding of the market's interior and exterior demands through our internship programme and practical training such as site visits. This allows them to expand their knowledge and skills in their chosen field. Our institute broadens global access to high-quality education by offering a time-off programme that is suitable for both Indian and international students. Our interior design institute in Kalkaji was founded in 2010 as an Autodesk authorized training centre with the goal of ensuring that each and every student achieves success in life.

With the assistance of expert faculty members, we constantly strive to innovate our teaching methods so that our students receive the new advanced learning that is required in today's world. We encourage students to understand their inner abilities through our training and placement cell so that they can gain confidence and achieve their desired job. Wi-Fi is available around-the-clock on the campus of our institute, as well as with our workshops and skill-development program, you can improve your skills and knowledge under the guidance of experts. 

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