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Fashion Designing is undoubtedly one of the most creative courses that you can pursue to learn about fashion and the art to combine your imagination with the latest trends in fashion and add value to customers’ outfits and lifestyle accessories. Well, not everyone can become a fashion designer for obvious reasons as it requires a considerable good vision and taste for color, shape, and other related skills. With time, we have witnessed significant growth and alterations in Fashion Designing due to varying cultural and social requirements. 

Talking about the skills that are required to become a fashion designer in the year 2023, it must be noted that pattern-cutting and sewing are some of the basic skills to be equipped with while learning fashion designing. For those who love to get their vision printed, designed, and presented in real life, fashion designing can be a great career option, and it is certainly growing to become one of the most promising career opportunities.

While planning to pursue a career in fashion designing, students have a lot of questions in their minds like which is the best fashion designing course in Delhi, the top fashion design institute in Delhi, and where can I have access to the best-in-class fashion designing course in Delhi. Well, for all your questions, Design Academy Delhi will prove to be your best platform and above that, your companion in your path to becoming a successful fashion designer.

Design Academy Delhi, being one of the best fashion designing institutes in Delhi, provides a platform to all the students and even working professionals out there to gain access to advanced levels of knowledge in fashion  

Fashion Designing Course Details

Many students with intentions to pursue fashion designing as a career option choose Bsc in fashion design and then move further with a master’s while involved in internships with clients. 

1.    Course duration - 3 years
2.    Eligibility criteria - Secondary higher education in any discipline
3.    Admission process - Merit-based for students with an impeccable academic record in secondary higher education/ entrance-based exam
4.    Course fee - INR 1 Lacs to INR 5 Lacs
5.    Job positions - Textile Designer, Fashion Expert, Merchandiser, Knitwear Designer, Fashion Expert, Garment Sample Coordinator, among others.

How to Become a Fashion Designer in 2023

1.    Enhance your fashion skills - This clearly goes without saying, in order to become a fashion designer, you need to be equipped with the required levels of skills and knowledge. Get excellent lessons from DA Delhi and reach your desired industry.
2.    Graduation in Fashion Designing or course of equivalent value - We understand you might not have the best chances o get yourself admitted to a reputed university or college to pursue BA in Fashion Designing. However, that should not restrict you from pursuing your dreams, as you can still get admitted to one of the most prestigious institutions in Delhi for fashion designing courses.
3.    Learn the business of Fashion and Design - Grow your online market as it is going to be your place to show your skills and earn for them. Build up a portfolio of your best work and make it presentable enough to show it to the clients. 
4.    Be updated with the latest trends in fashion - Fashion trends are changing more often than ever, this is because of the increasing demands and varieties to choose from. Everyone wants to make it to the top by being featured in top posts on Instagram #ootd. Keep reading about the latest trends in the industry and combine them with your imagination to craft the best product.
5.    Decide your work preferences - Choose how you want to work. Would you like to be a self-employed fashion designer, or do you want to start your own business as a fashion brand? Well, freedom brings out the creativity in individuals.
How Design Academy Delhi can Play a Crucial Role 

Design Academy Delhi offers a professional diploma in fashion designing with a duration of one year. During the diploma course, the students are encouraged and motivated to conduct market research and surveys which assist them in gaining knowledge about the newly launched materials and trends in the market.

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