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This course is a three year course on semester basis. This course provides you complete details about fashion illustrations ,draping of different garments ,different presentation techniques ,inspirational designing, classic & innovative fashion details, technical details of fashion, fashion glossary, different variations in garments, different prints, color concepts, effects of color, different textures, principles of design, elements of design, standard measurement charts, drafting of different garment of kids and adults, different techniques of garment construction, garment ornamentation, history of fashion, introduction to computer graphics, overview of textile industry, traditional Indian textiles and embroideries etc.


You may join this after completing your 12th standard with 40%.


  • Exams are held semester wise, twice a year. The student have to appear for the Exams in June & December.
  • The exam includes theoretical papers and practical paper as well. The practical assignment has to be submitted in the Institute itself.
  • Students are required to apply for Degree after completing three years.


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Duration : 3 Years

Classes : 10 Hrs. / Week

  • Colour and texture
  • Pattern making and Garment Construction
  • Textile Designing
  • Method of Dyeing & Printing
  • Fabric Studies
  • Indian Embroideries
  • Theme based illustrations
  • Basics of Computer
  • Computer Graphics- Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator & InDesign
  • Changing scenario of Indian & Western Costumes
  • Fashion Presentation
  • Draping method of drafting
  • Inspirational Fashion
  • Knitwear technology
  • Fashion Industry
  • Leather Technology
  • Volume Production and Quality Control
  • Art Appreciation
  • Fashion marketing
  • Fashion merchandising
  • International Marketing
  • Two Months Internship
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BSC Fashion Designing Course in Delhi

The BSC Fashion Designing Course in Delhi is just the course for you if you are looking forward to providing a broader fashion industry perspective to all fashion enthusiasts. The course offered by Design Academy will assist you in evolving the intellectual, cultural, and contingent understanding of fashion. The program, designed by industry experts, is aimed at training students and equipping them with the knowledge to use various styling and coloring techniques. What brings more to the value of the BSC Fashion Designing Course in Delhi is the fact that its curriculum offers real-world exposure to the students and prepares them to face industry challenges.

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