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Are you serious about your career and looking for a course that will help you hone your creative skills and knowledge? Then enrol in the best interior design course today from a well-known institute which provides their students with high-quality education. Design Academy, which offers various types of interior design degree courses in Delhi.

Our advanced diploma courses in interior design are certification level courses in the domain of interior design that focus on the student's excellence level of higher skills and knowledge in regard to interior designing and construction. With innovative and creative ideas. These advanced courses are only available to students who have completed their schooling with at least 45% of the marks required.

Best advanced courses - Design Academy

One Year Diploma In Interior Design:- You can choose between two interior design courses at Design Academy, the best interior design institute in Delhi. The first is a one-year professional interior design programme in which you will learn first the residential project, which includes 1 BHK and 2 BHK design, and which covers furniture, flooring, electronics, plumbing, and more. In addition to theoretical training, you will receive software training in AutoCAD, Google Sketchup, and Photoshop during our one-year diploma programme.

Two Year advanced diploma in Delhi:- The second diploma course is a two year advanced diploma course in interior design that you will finish in two years. This course will provide you with the most up-to-date theoretical and practical 3DS Max training available, as well as an overview of an office and retail showroom.

The only requirement for enrolling in the above diploma courses at our best interior designing institute in Delhi, Design Academy, is that you have a 10 pass certificate with at least 40% marks. So, if you want to gain a thorough understanding of interior design, enrol in our two year advance diploma in Delhi today.

Fashion Designing Advanced Diploma Course:- In our institute, we provide two different sorts of fashion designing courses. The first is a one-year professional diploma in fashion designing where you can refresh your knowledge and abilities in the fashion industry. You will learn how to use fundamental to sophisticated fashion design tools in this course. You will learn about anything from kid's clothing to elaborate clothing design.

The second programme is a two-year advanced diploma in fashion design that includes instruction in Photoshop and CorelDraw software as well as theoretical understanding of various print and pattern kinds. Enroll in the two diploma programmes mentioned above at Design Academy, the top fashion design school in Delhi. You need a certificate from the 10th grade with at least a 40% grade point average in order to enrol in our fashion design diploma program.

Diploma in software training:- You can acquire a variety of software diploma courses at Design Academy, such as the 6-month AutoCAD (2D&3D) software course, which will provide you a complete understanding of tool usage. The 2D format will be introduced in this course before moving on to the 3D format. In addition to this course, we also provide a 3DS Max course to support your work in the manufacturing, construction, and architectural programmes. You will learn everything you need to know about using 3DS Max to modify models, import data from different formats, and manipulate lighting, materials, and textures during this 6-month course. Thus, Design Academy, the best 3d max college in Delhi, is where you should enrol if you want to quickly learn 3DS Max from scratch.

Revit architecture advanced software course:- Another software course provided by our institute, this one is helpful for students wishing to become mechanical, electronic, interior, or architectural, or civil engineers. You will learn how to construct structural elements, alter walls, and more in this course.

In addition, our school provides classes in graphic design using programmes like Corel Draw, Photoshop, and Illustrator. You will be helped by these classes to make your work simpler and more original.

All of the courses listed above were created by industry professionals such as architects, interior designers, and civil engineers. You will learn the most under the supervision of professionals. Our various courses, which include a one year diploma in interior design, a two-year course in fashion, and software courses with internship, live projects, and expert workshop programmes, will provide you with practical training in addition to theoretical knowledge. Our institute believes in providing its students with cutting-edge knowledge.