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You must have crossed paths with both of these words if you ever had your home designed, renovated, or constructed from scratch. Both the interior design and interior decorating words are certainly the most extensively used words in the field of interior renovation. The major question that arises here is, if you want a perfect interior setup for your home or office, who would you prefer to get in touch with? An interior designer or interior decorator?

You are reading this article because either you are planning to renovate your home or are still confused about how to get your hands on a perfect solution to make some alterations to your home. 

This goes without saying that a lot of people might confuse the words interior designing and interior decorating as the same thing. However, this is not the case, and the two words are not entirely interchangeable. There exists a range of differences in both the professions and their services.

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In this article, we will be discussing the major differences between interior designing and interior decorating. This will prove helpful for you in deciding which services you want for your home. 

Major Differences Between Interior Designing and Interior Decorating

Interior Designing 

Interior designing can be concluded as an art and science of getting every sort of detail associated with the behavior of people in order to bring the best functional spaces into existence. 

The process of interior designing deals with following an organized and collaborative procedure that involves research, analysis, and incorporation of knowledge into the creative process. Basically, it involves all the measures that can be taken in order to satisfy the needs and requirements of the client. 

The job of an interior designer is to work on a construction project, or it might be a renovation project in numerous ways. You can always find an interior designer typically engaged in all the areas of interior space preparation and completion. 

The major challenge of an interior designer is to apply solutions that are creative, technical, and aesthetically pleasing within a functional structure. If you want to choose interior designing as a profession, then you would require adequate schooling and formal training.

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Interior Decorating 

Interior decorating can be concluded with the furnishing or adorning of a particular space with the help of decorative elements. This is done in order to attain a certain aesthetic level. The key takeaway here is that an interior designer might be able to do the job of a decorator, but an interior decorator can not do the job of an interior designer. 

Interior decorating is a small segment of interior design, and it basically deals with the decoration part of a room to do the makeover of its appearance. The role of an interior decorator might come after the completion of architectural plans and renovations.

An interior decorator can help you choose the right color schemes, pick appropriate furniture that suits your room perfectly, and accessories that will add more to the looks and aesthetics of your room.

The interior decorator you choose for your room can blend a few ideas for the enhancement of your home interiors without altering the layout of the room fundamentally.


If your room’s renovation requires some alterations in the structure, then you should get in touch with an interior designer. An interior designer will be taking care of things like removing a wall, moving plumbing, or wiring in your room, or even adding new windows or doors. 

However, if your room requires no structural changes but only requires some stretching hand on the aesthetics part, then an interior decorator would do the job for you. An experienced decorator is well-trained and experienced in implementing what works the best for particular spaces. 

Always hire an experienced and reputed designer or decorator for the job if you want the best results.