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Fashion design is a form of art to design clothing. If your imaginative mind is flooded with Inventive ideas! Then you should work in this field, where you may play around with various color, design, and shape combinations to create stunning ensembles. Because the need for expert guidance is crucial in today's competitive economy, you must first seriously consider enrolling in the top fashion design institute in Delhi in order to hone your creative thinking. who can explain the principles of fashion design and the many expectations associated with this sector. And for this the finest college option is Design Academy.

The institute has devoted faculty members who are already working in this field. They encourage students to participate in practical training as well because they understand that in today's competitive environment, a certificate or degree from a course is insufficient. You must be aware of the practical knowledge. As a result, our practical cell organises various seminars, events, workshops, exhibitions, research projects, and mandatory internships to prepare students for the future.

Choose your Preferred Fashion Designing Courses

  • One year professional diploma course:- If you want to improve your design skills over the course of a year, enrol in our one year diploma programme. where you learn introduction to fashion, drafting, basic design and ideas, history, market survey, live site visit, participation in a fashion show and a one-month compulsory internship. Design Academy, a fashion design institute in Delhi, believes in providing their students with the best education possible by incorporating both practical and theoretical learning into their course structure.


  • Two year advanced diploma course:- If you want to learn fashion design in depth, this is the course for you. which gives you a detailed fashion design theory such as technical details, texture, design elements, variation in garments, color effects, principles, and more. This course will also teach you how to use software that is useful in this field, such as Photoshop, CorelDraw, and Illustrator. Aside from that, we offer a two-month internship alongside the course so that students can put what they learn into practice.


  • B.Sc. Fashion Design & Management Course:- This three-year programme will provide you with in-depth knowledge of fashion design. Such as theme-based illustration, art application, fashion industry, dyeing & printing method, fashion market, Indian embroideries, volume production and quality control, and more with computer graphics learning such as Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator, and In Design. So, if you want to learn a thorough understanding of fashion design, enrol in Design Academy's bsc interior designing course in delhi today.


  • M.Sc. Fashion Design & Management Course:- You can continue with this course after you graduate. The student will learn multi-disciplinary skills as well as detailed fashion design and merchandising. Our expert instructors will teach you about textile studies, the history of fashion, design collections, garment production and technique, sketching and fashion illustration, and much more.


  • Six Month Certification Course:- This course is divided into two sections. The first is drafting and patterning, which includes a fabric marketing survey, a metric system, drafting garments, drafting of basic bodice, skirts, plackets, and more, and the second is clothing construction, which includes an introduction to garment construction, different types of garment patterns, a guest lecture, a one-month internship, an industry visit, and fasteners different types of construction methods such as sewing, maintenance, and machine control.


  • Advanced Diploma in Garment Construction:- This course lasts one year and includes formal education as well as garment making training. Every student receives individual attention and is encouraged to participate in various workshops and internship programmes.


  • Six Month Textile Design:- If you want to work in the textile industry, this course is for you. Learn about the textile industry, fiber theory, yarn, dying, painting, embroideries, and different weaves, as well as guest lectures and workshops, an industrial visit, and a one-month internship.

I hope this article has helped you understand the various course structure, duration, and software training options. So, without further delay a second, begin your career by enrolling in Design Academy, the best stitching institute in Delhi courses today.