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Fashion Designing is a highly evolving field and is truly a champion among all the popular design specializations. In the last two decades, fashion industry has grown in leaps and bounds. Being the most sought -after field, it is also highly competitive. Every year, lakhs of students apply for designing courses in hundreds of Fashion Designing Institutes all over.

 If you are someone who is imaginative and have a flair for creativity and style, the field is perfect for you. Also, once you complete a fashion design program from a reputed institute successfully, there are a plethora of opportunities available for you. So, while there is huge competition around, Fashion Designing at the same time is one of the most rewarding , exciting and alluring career choices you can probably make.

For aspirants who have a high creative quotient, the fashion industry offers multiple job opportunities and one is not restricted to just becoming a fashion designer per se.
However, the very first step to having a great and rewarding career in Fashion Designing, it opting for the right institute and course. As a design aspirant, it is crucial that you choose a good fashion institute and an appropriate course that can give you the required push in your career ladder.

Here are some tips that will help you narrow down to the right Fashion Designing Institute for a Diploma or Degree Course.

Does the Course have Accreditation ?
How valuable or rewarding a course will be, is defined by its accreditation or in simple words its quality check. When we say a particular Design Institute has the accreditation, it means its course content, faculty, policies and overall quality of education has been rigorously checked by the concerned authorities.
So, when you complete a course successfully from such an accredited Design Institute, your Fashion Designing Course is recognized and valued everywhere. 

Before you decide to spend your precious study time and money on a course, make sure it’s worth it.

Updated Teaching Methods

Another important point to keep in mind while choosing a Fashion Designing Institute is its teaching technique. Does the institute offer an updated pedagogy? Is the curriculum in line with the latest trends and requirements of the Fashion Industry? Does it have the latest and best lab equipment? Is there enough practical exposure? A Fashion Design School that employs the latest teaching methods will guide you to a successful and lucrative future in the design industry.

Some of the techniques you should look for when choosing a Fashion Design institute are – 

  •  Inquiry based instruction
  •  Co-operative learning methods
  •  Visualization 
  •  Professional and Personal Development
  •  Behaviour Management Skills
  •  Latest technology usage 

In Accordance to the New Education Policy (NEP)

Do find out if your chosen fashion design institute has an academic process that is NEP friendly. The New Education Policy or NEP stresses on addition of newer ways to add more skill- based subjects in the design course. It also gives fashion scholars the flexibility to pick between Diploma and Degree course as per their requirements in between the tenure of the program.
The idea is to focus on practical learning and make the program research based rather than simply focusing on theory. NEP Based Fashion Design Course will prepare you for the practical world. This will not only equip you better for the fashion industry but also increase your chances of employment across fashion houses both in India and internationally. 


The placement cell of an institute speaks a lot about its quality and educational standard. Every student would look forward to good placement opportunities after course completion and it is a crucial criteria when selecting a college. Before you opt for a fashion design institute, its advisable that you conduct a thorough research on its placement record. You may even want to speak to some ex students if possible. 

A great fashion design institute will also have a well-equipped placement cell that helps candidates in preparing for the placement interviews. Check out which all recruiters are on the placement list and how many campus placements have taken place in the last few years to get a fair idea.

Internship and Trainings

After course completion, internship is vital as it provides candidates the practical aspect of the course. Internship is basically when you put all that you have learnt during your course in use, real time. 

The internship period plays a pivotal role and help candidates develop professional skills, polish their communication skills, groom their personality as per the professional set up and get the actual insight into the requirements of the job role. Hands on learning and practical exposure both are a big key to success in the Fashion world.

After a successful stint of internship, students have a fair idea of the broad spectrum of opportunities available to them. An Intern also gets to know exactly where he/she fits the best or areas where more grooming and polishing is required.

Design Academy Delhi is the best institute for Professional Diploma Course in Fashion Designing. Located in South Delhi, the institute has the best of faculty and equipment to groom fashion design aspirants. Internships with popular fashion houses and designers prepare candidates for their dream job. Expert faculty and a specialized placement cell ensures candidates get placed with the best in the industry.

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