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The Institute

01. Increasing global access to quality education.

Our many benefits, equity, and time-off programs are made-to-fit for each of our students in India as well as abroad which leads in increasing global access to the quality education.

02. We teach learners to the best result.

Our expert faculty will help you throughout the placement selflessly and make you understand the topics clearly, we will always guide you as your parents.


Research & Work

Research research_and_work

Urban Apartment Lightening Design 2021

An existing, 100-square-meter apartment was to be redesigned for an imaginary client couple. The lighting design is meant to support conceptual core ideas and create the desired atmospheres.

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Research research_and_work

Interactive Masterpieces

Our students applied their newly acquired skills to the making of an interactive art piece that invites the spectator to interact with a masterpiece from the past.

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Research research_and_work

Textile Designing

Students learn different techniques of weaving through varied hands-on sessions by industry experts. They learn the craft of dyeing fabrics and different methods of printing through practical workshops and master classes.

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Unique Values


To work towards achieving excellence and training in fields such as fashion designing, interior designing, software graphic designing.

Experimaental Design & research

To harness one’s potential and develop a creative bent of mind in the context of designs.

Handmade Luxury & attention to detail

To be able to inculcate professional mannerisms and values that would help oneself in the corporate setting.

Contemporary Fashion & Ready to wear

To be able to respect and maintain the dignity of the profession of designing.

Embedded with the "Made To Fashion" Value

To be able to productively work with an idea and create something meaningful out of it.

UNique Value

To uphold the vision and mission of our institution.

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Industry Reactions


Success & Outcomes

01. Ritika Joshi
02. Rohit Nagar
03. Jonita Kohli
04. Sunny Singh
05. Amit Vats
06. Devesh Verma
07. Nisha Kapoor
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