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Flash has emerged as the most popular software for web based animation, now used for creating digital media content including graphics, animation, audio, video and interactive media. Students and professionals enrolling themselves for our online Adobe Flash Course will be given in-depth understanding for flash framework, exploring web technologies, basic drawing and animating tools in Flash, mastering such critical elements as layers, symbols, and tweens etc.


  • Flash Animator
  • Action Script Programmer
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Classes : 45 HOURS

  • Introduction to Flash
  • Exploring Web Technologies in Flash
  • Planning Flash Projects
  • Mastering the flash Environment
  • Creating Animation & Effects in Flash
  • Integrating Media files with Flash
  • Introduction to Flash Action Script
  • Getting Started with Flash Action Script
  • Flash Action Script language and syntax
  • Object-oriented programming in Flash Action Script
  • Dates and times in Flash
  • Strings in Flash
  • Arrays in Flash
  • Using regular expressions in Flash
  • Flash Handling events
  • Working with XML
  • Flash Display programming
  • Working with geometry in Flash
  • Using the drawing API
  • Flash Filtering display objects
  • Movie Clip in Flash
  • Text in Flash
  • Bitmaps in Flash
  • Video in Flash
  • Sound in Flash
  • Using the external API in Flash
  • Distributing Flash movies
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Being the Best Training Institute in South Delhi we want all our students to grow and succeed in life.

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