One Year Professional Diploma In Fashion Designing

One Year Professional Diploma In Fashion Designing

This course is a one year course which has 2 semester. One semester is for 6 months and second is for another 6 months. This course provides you complete briefing about fashion illustrations ,inspirational designing, technical details of fashion, different variations in garments, different prints, color concepts, different textures, principles of design, elements of design, standard measurement charts, drafting of different garments ,different techniques of garment construction, history of fashion ,overview of textile industry, traditional Indian textiles and embroideries etc.


You may join this after completing your 10 with 40%.

Examination & Certification

  • We have exams after every 6 months i.e. first exam after semester 1 and second exam after semester 2
  • Portfolio Submission is mandatory and should be submitted within 10 days of the class taken or as per the dates given by the faculty.
  • To appear in exam student must have submitted all the sheets of respective modules.
  • Marking scheme include, marks of all sheets, exams, material seminar, portfolio & viva, internships.
  • Students will be issued a Diploma for Fashion Design after completion of the course.


  • Duration : 1 Year
  • Classes : 10 Hrs/Week
  • What is fashion, fashion designing, role of fashion designer?
  • Introducing drafting tools and enhancing drafting skills.
  • Basic of fashion illustration
  • Exposure to various elements and principles of fashion design
  • Technical details of fashion
  • Textile design
  • Merchandising, marketing
  • Indian embroideries.
  • Material Seminars, Market surveys
  • Accessories design
  • Pattern development
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