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Google Sketch Up

Google Sketch Up

Sketch Up (formerly Google Sketch Up) is a 3D modeling computer program used for a wide range of drawing applications such as architectural, interior design, landscape, civil & mechanical  engineering, film, and video game design. SketchUp was originally developed in 1999 as a general-purpose 3D content creation tool, envisioned as a program that would allow design professionals to emulate the feel and freedom of working with pen and paper. The idea was that if architects, designers, builders, makers and engineers were not unnecessarily bogged down by figuring out how to work the interface, they could focus on what they could create with it. Today the latest version of the 3D modelling platform, SketchUp, features various capabilities and tools that allow users to explore, modify and share design ideas in 3D, import CAD plans and photos, and even develop communication and planning deliverables.


Google Sketch Up
Duration:  30 HOURS

Introduction to Sketch Up

  • Course Introduction
  • Templates
  • Toolbars
  • 2D Drawing Tools: Line, Rectangle, Circle, Arc, Freehand

Modeling in 3D

  • Drawing Tools: Push/Pull, Follow me
  • Orbiting Tools: Zoom, Pan, Orbit, Zoom Previous, Field of View, Look Around
  • Modification Tools: Offset, Move, Copy, Measurement
  • Solid Tools

Organizing a Model

  • Groups
  • Components
  • Layers
  • Outliner


  • Textures
  • Images

Model in Context

  • From AutoCAD/ Dwg
  • From PDF

Materials & Components

  • Creating & Editing Materials
  • Creating & Saving Components
  • Component Library

Basic Lighting

Presenting Tools

  • Scenes & Styles
  • Exporting Still Images

Google Layout

  • Paper space for Sketch Up
  • Presentation Template
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