Textile Designing Institute | Six Months Certificate Course

Textile Designing Institute | Six Months Certificate Course

Textile Designing Institute: As a textile designer, a student gets to work in the textile industry in several different roles and types of offices. After the degree course completion many textile manufacturing companies, as well as export houses that are focused on foreign trade in textiles will hire you full time. Textile designers also get to work at frontline retail houses as well as big multinational corporations as their decor counselors. Textile designers also have the option of taking the entrepreneurial route their after this degree – by opening own ventures such as design studios or craft centre’s.


You may join this after completing your 10 with 40%.

Examination & Certification

  • One theory paper will be done after completion of course.
  • Viva will be marked in external exam.
  • File submission is mandatory and should be submitted within 10 days of the class    taken or as per the dates given by the faculty.
  • To appear in exam student must have submitted all the sheets of respective semester.
  • Marking scheme include, marks of all sheets, exams, portfolio & viva.
  • Students will be issued a Certificate for Textile Design after completion of the course.


  • Definition of fiber, filament, yarn, fabric
  • Definition of textile design, Scope of Textile Designing, Role and responsibilities of Textile Designer.
  • Classed : 10Hrs/Week
  • Duration : 6 Months
  • Classification of textile fibers and physical and chemical identification of textile fibers
  • Source and production of cotton, wool, jute, silk fibers, their end uses and physical and chemical properties .
  • Introduction to fabric structure, explanation of woven structures and other fabric structures for example knitted, non-woven, bonded and embroidery, crochet and needle work
  • Definition of warp and weft, ends and picks, design, repeat of a design.
  • Different types of Printing Methods
  • Direct (blotch) printing, over printing, discharge printing ,block printing, roller printing, screen          printing.
  • Market exposure for different fabrics.
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